Digilogic Workstation Series

Digilogic and Pinata Media Solutions have developed a range of workstations built and designed from the ground up for rich media applications. These workstations offer great flexibility and are customizable based on the clients needs. Built and supported locally using the best motherboards and processors.

DigiLogic 1

The Digilogic Red is the Baby of the Bunch.

Using the latest X99 Intel Chipset for better reliability and speeds. The new DDR4 Memory Modules have up to a 3-way SLI Bridge

DigiLogic 5

The Digilogic White is our mid-range Workstation

This workstation rivals the best single CPU Xeon workstations by the well-known Brands.


DigiLogic 8

The Digilogic Black Series is the main monster!

With v3 Dual Xeon chips, up to 512GB DDR4 Ram and up to 3x PCI-E3 16x Port and support for Thunderbolt 2.0