Businesses have to continually reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant. “The film and video production industry is in the midst of the digital “space war” as we see the growth of file size and capture space required for 4k footage and the likes,” says Ryan Downing, director at Orange Orbit Productions, a specialist film and video production company based in Johannesburg.


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“With 4k footage and the talk of the industry probably skipping 6K and jumping to 8K for the 2020 Olympic Games, seamless workflow process is imperative for video production companies”. One of the major factors influencing film and video production is editing time, storage space and ease of access to stored footage. “As our business grew, we found increasingly that we were running out of storage space and this slowed down the editing process,” says Downing. “We had to find a solution that would not only be cost effective, but would maximise output as well”.

DigiLogic together with Tiger Technology provided a Tiger Series Solution that offers a complete storage workflow solution that complements a shared storage workflow platform. This software solution is compatible with most NLE systems and supports PC and Mac across Premier Pro, Avid and FCP with options of 10GB Ethernet and Fibre Channel, as well iSCSI protocols so one can integrate ones network of choice. “This simply means that with the increased storage capacity and project management capability, we can access files quicker and simultaneously which substantially reduces our editing time. This was something previously unheard of for smaller businesses, largely due to the prohibitive cost of available offerings. The impact on production quality and business efficiency is massive as this puts us on a level playing field with the larger production houses,” continues Downing.

“It’s also imperative and goes without say that clients data and captured footage needs to be safe and ecure, gone are the days when editors pass external hardrives around the studio, which is risky, time consuming and doesn’t allow for seamless workflow process. “Orange Orbit Productions offers an array of digital media services and clients have become accustomed to quick turnarounds. Having a shared workflow process with bin locking in the same project with multiple editors was key to our decision to move into this direction. Although most of our projects are done in HD with clients requesting compression for social media and online clips, I think its imperative to align the workflow process to a system that can accommodate fibre and have the capacity to deal with 4k and the growth opportunities we have to ensure that our service offering can compete and stand out amongst the clutter, but most importantly be able to offer our client base ease of miand quality of work,” concludes Downing.