Leasing Equipment Options – Lease your brand new state of the art equipment today!

“Manage your Cashflow… Let us manage your Workflow!”

Digilogic now offers leasing equipment solutions to their clients. We understand the stress and pressures of the Television, Commercials and Features Films Industries. We understand that cash-flow is paramount to a successful production. With this in mind, we have developed a leasing option to our clients, who need state of the art equipment and post production engineering support, with the flexibility of managing cashflow on a monthly bases.


Benefits for our leasing clients

  • Cash flow benefit and preservation.
    Smoothed cash flow helps with affordability.
    No lump sum payment means that customers are able to use their cash in their core business or invest in appreciating assets.
    Also helps with affordability.
  •  Off balance sheet.
    Lease payments are listed as operating expenses (OPEX) and therefore, no liabilities are reflected on their balance sheet.
  • Removing the hassle factor.
    We will do all the necessary running around to facilitate credit approvals.
  • No impact on customers’ existing credit facilities
    We are able to source funding from alternative funders.
  • VAT is payable monthly and claimed monthly.
  • All lease payments are tax deductible.
  • Lease periods can be aligned to warranty periods.
  • Upgrades driven by technology is easy, ensuring obsolescence risk is minimized.

DigiLogic is able to offer leasing solutions and we have 2 specific areas of differentiation:

1. DigiLogic can consider facilities for customers that do not meet the typical parameters set out by traditional funders. As an example, we are able to consider transactions for entities which have been trading for less than 3 years.

2. In addition, we are able to consider deals below R2 million without audited financial statements. Only 6 months bank statements and a credit application is required.


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