Digilogic Workstation Range at MediaTech

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Now onto the Digilogic Workstations.

The line-up consists of three workstations that promise to rival even the most well-known brands in the industry in terms of speed and performance versus price points. The workstations are co-designed and developed with Pinata Media Solutions and Syntech

The Digilogic Red Workstation

DigiLogic Red Workstation

This Digilogic Red is the ideal solution for a cost effective 4k solution that is the baby of the bunch.

Using the latest X99 Intel Chipset for better reliability and speeds. The new DDR4 Memory Modules have up to a 3-way SLI Bridge

This little monster will be perfect for Adobe CC applications, Lightworks, Nuke, Avid(Supported, but not officially tested by Avid support International, but well tested locally)

It also has the ability for an internal Raid(0,1, 5,10) for the must needed data availability, but still have a speed increase for when using Uncompressed Media and with SSD HardDrives.

The Digilogic White Workstation

DigiLogic White Workstation

The White is our mid-range Workstation, which rivals the Single CPU Xeon workstations by the well-known Brands.

With a Quadro GPU and support for any breakout cards needed, this machine is above the recommended specifications for most software out there.

It has built in Raid capabilities (Raid0,1,5,10) with the on-board Intel C612 Chipset, Dual Gigabit LAN and DDR4 Ram

The Digilogic Black Workstation

DigiLogic Black Workstation

The Black Series is the Main monster, with v3 Dual Xeon chips, up to 512GB DDR4 Ram and up to 3x PCI-E3 16x Port and support for Thunderbolt 2.0 AIC

This machine is capable of any online editing, 3D editing, compositing, pretty much anything you can throw at it.

(if Autodesk allowed it, we could run the Latest Flame Software) With the right Add on Cards, you can have a full 4K setup and faster than real-time caching and rendering.