Rapid developments in technology present significant challenges for content storage, as well as eventual archiving. Imogen Campbell zooms in on temporary content storage in the film, television and like media industries and how it facilitates workflow.

A workflow management system is designed to provide infrastructure for the structure, performance and monitoring of a distinct sequence of tasks, organised as a workflow. We posed some of our questions to industry leaders and pioneers; premier service and product providers across the content storage spectrum that monitor the shifting landscape and who continually strive to deliver optimal solutions for clients and fill any niche. Imogen Campbell reports.

How, in your opinion does an effective content storage solution facilitate workflow?

Martin Bennett, Marketing Director, EditShare: At EditShare our XStream range of shared storage is utilised primarily for production and post-production workflows, where media needs to be intelligently managed and shared. In the current film workflow landscape of increasing high-resolution content and lots of it, there are core fundamentals that a solution such as EditShare storage provides which enable all creative facilities to be effective.

Performance: From working offline with multiple creative suits using proxies, to full on grading /FX with multiple 4K streams then any storage solution must provide a consistent bandwidth to allow facilities to work on all types of content.

Media management tools: From basic shared access with unlimited creative seats, to integrated media asset management and collaborative sharing applications, a storage solution needs to provide an intelligent layer of tools that allow media to be accessed and shared to increase productivity and ultimately creativity.

Security: A production must have complete faith in its online storage solution to not lose media at any stage, even in the toughest production environments.

Shaun De Ponte, Director, DigiLogic: It depends on what the client needs the storage for. There are many different vendors of storage, and by understanding what the client requirements are, we can advise on what storage they need for their application, i.e., are they doing multi-cam editing, visual effects, nearline backups, etc. DigiLogic specialises in Tiger Technology, which fulfils many needs.

Taken from the CallSheet


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